My top 3 summer party survival tips

Yay! Summer is here!

That means lots of sun, fun and outdoors time for many of us. It can also mean more parties (especially in the lead up to Christmas and during the New Year period) and more opportunities to indulge more in food and alcohol than we might usually have.

I've got 3 hot tips for you to help survive the 'silly season' as we affectionately call it:

1. Never go to a party on an empty stomach

When you're hungry you're more likely to eat more of the snacks and nibbles when you arrive which are usually high in fat and energy. Plus you'll be more easily affected by alcohol on an empty stomach.

2. If you are invited to take food then take a healthy plate that you know you'll enjoy

Include whole grain crackers, vegie sticks, fruit and nuts with a salsa or a low fat dip. Leave the high fat cheeses behind.

3. Drink plenty of water!

If you're drinking alcohol every second drink should be water to keep you well hydrated and allow you to drink more slowly. Avoid a hangover by drinking slowly and keeping track of how many alcoholic drinks you've had.

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