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NDIS clients

Corinne has extensive experience working in the Disability Sector and with the NDIS. She has worked on a number of key national training programs to support dietitians, allied health practitioners and support staff who work in the sector, and currently provides professional supervision to dietitians who work in this area. 

If you have an NDIS plan and would like some support with anything related to food, nutrition or lifestyle changes Corinne can help you achieve your goals.


Contact Corinne for one on one sessions, tailored to meet your own specific health and wellbeing goals. These sessions are usually in your own home, or you can go to Corinne's clinic if you prefer. With your permission sessions can also include communication with your support network (family or carers) to help them understand your nutritional needs, and provide practical ways that they can best support you. This could include ideas for cooking, shopping, meal preparation, budgeting, helping you or your carers with meal preparation ideas and even supermarket tours and cooking lessons if you'd like them!


What To Expect From Your Session


Usually Corinne will visit you in your own home for your sessions with her. Corinne will come at a time when your support person(s) or carer(s) are able to be there so they can meet her as well. During your first session with Corinne she will spend time getting to know you and understanding your health and lifestyle needs. 

She will help you to set some realistic and achievable goals that are meaningful to you. 

She will help you work towards achieving those goals, one step at a time.




Corinne charges according to the NDIS Price Guide. Please contact Corinne to find out more about NDIS fees 

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