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Is making lunch taking up way too much of your morning?

Ok, so school has been back for a few weeks now, are you beginning to find your early morning energy and enthusiasm for creative lunches waning already? Do you simply not have time some mornings to make lunch for your kids?

My hot tip is to make school (and/or work) lunches the night before to make mornings a bit easier. You can even freeze sandwiches in advance for the days when you're running late or have an early meeting to get to. Sure, not all sandwich fillings freeze well, but experiment with what your kids like and see how you go. Left over chicken goes OK, as does any left over roast meat or even plain old cheese or a spread of some sort. You'll still need to include fruit, dairy and some vegies in the lunch box, but you can cut up the vegies the night before to save time and even pre-pack the lunch box and keep it in the fridge overnight.

Spend a few minutes at night thinking about what's on the following day and planning for it to reduce stress in the mornings - try it, I promise it works!

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